Message from Julia

Julia danced with us when she was a young teen.  I got this heart warming message from her today:

Hi Nancy!!! How are you? It has been soooo so long, I hope you’re fabulous as usual! I have to tell you, I always find myself thinking about the time I spent dancing with you and how incredibly glad I am to have had those experiences (plus the Harry Potter camp, that was still one of the best things that ever happened to me!). At an age where we were all so young and impressionable, you were such an important role model. As I meet new people and go through my life, I often direct myself back to the lessons I learned from you – how to make good choices, connect with others, respect and love my body, become mentally and physically strong, and most importantly how express myself with confidence. I’m sure you are continuing to teach and inspire, and they are lucky to have you! Thank you for shining so bright and sharing your light with me (: xoxo

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