Taking Care in the New Year!

So I am heading into a year of a lot of travel with my work. Whether it is off to lead trainings in Hawaii, Michigan or Greece; or traveling on the New Jersey expressways to Newark to train yoga teachers; or meeting with my private clients; or to central New Jersey to work at the VA hospital…it is a lot of commute time. When I am not traveling, I am working on my computer to get ready for the work that I do when I travel. For me, this requires diligence! Diligence with my self-care. Here is my self-care list. If I do most of it most days, I will probably be healthy throughout the year.

  • Morning meditation and breathing exercises
  • Morning visualization of my health and productivity during the day
  • At least 3 serving of protein per day
  • Two large bowls of vegetables
  • One serving of fruit
  • Low, low sugar
  • 20-30 minutes of aerobic activity
  • Avoiding caffeine – yes, this even means chocolate for me
  • A lot of water or herbal tea before 7 pm
  • Breathing evenly while I am teaching or working on my computer (after two hours of working on the computer and not breathing evenly I am <<STRESSED>>).
  • A luxurious bedtime routine that involves Christmas lights around my bed, stretching out, maybe some leg or core exercises, quality linens, essential oils, lotion, a warm shower and an evening meditation.

If I do these things, I can maintain a superwoman schedule, teach for 8 hours and stay healthy. Without them, I am susceptible to colds, restless legs while I am trying to sleep, spending the night trying to sleep, and feeling burned out when I get home from travel.


So, Hello 2017! We got this one. It is going to be our best year ever!

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