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  Founder and Director of Yoga Impact, RYS, YACEP

Director of the International Yoga Therapy Institute

Certified Yoga Therapist with the  International Association of Yoga Therapists

 Experienced Registered 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance

   Personal Trainer



An activist in the global health revolution, Nancy is committed to practicing the best version of herself every day, and to using her talents to contribute to the upliftment of humankind. Nancy’s ongoing journey is to study and to teach how to integrate mindfulness into each of our platforms of self-care. She strives to practice loving-kindness as a means of forming deep connections and promoting personal transformation. Her focus is to bring yoga teacher trainings and meditation trainings to those in marginalized communities.

She is a C-IAYT, 500 E-RYT, and RCYT who teaches yoga classes, works with private clients, and conducts, retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Therapy Trainings in Greece, Navaho Nation, Dominican Republic, Detroit, New Jersey, Colorado, and Hawaii. She is the founder and director of Yoga Impact Institute, a residential and online yoga training school. Yoga Impact Institute is a 200-hour, 300-hour, and YACEP school registered with the Yoga Alliance. She directs Yoga Impact, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) that focuses on sharing yoga with vulnerable populations – women and children in shelters, at-risk youth, senior citizens, war veterans, and prisoners, as well as the homeless. Nancy also mentors yoga therapists and yoga teachers in their work with these populations. Her approach to teaching yoga is the product of 32 years of her own practice, her ownership of a successful yoga studio in Hawaii for 5 years, 9 years of training yoga teachers, 3 years of training yoga therapists and 20 years of teaching. She is truly a “yogi without borders.” She is the director of Calm Steps to Vibrant Actions: Yoga, Spirituality, Trauma and Social Justice Summit. Her work has been featured in the Huffington PostYoga Therapy TodayBoulder Magazine, and Natural Awakenings. Nancy has done yoga therapy presentations at the International Women’s Writing Guild, Global Ayurveda Conference, LLC, and Northern New Jersey Transitional Yoga Conference 2013.


“I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years and have held board certifications in both orthopedics and the upper extremity. Nancy Candea’s knowledge of anatomy and alignment is impressive. That combined with her extensive knowledge and experience in yoga makes her an absolute gem as a yoga therapist.”

— Carol Anne Paterson, PT, RYT, RMT

“I feel lucky, because I had the opportunity to know a great yoga therapist and an inspired teacher, Nancy Candea. I loved her opened mind, I loved her experience, I admire her teaching method and the best of all is that Nancy is near everyone of her student even when the training has end. Meeting her made my dreams of yoga therapy all my thoughts and my fillings became true. Her training was valuable. I now run a yoga therapist studio in Athens, Greece. I recommend Nancy’s training to every one who loves yoga who needs an inspired teacher and wants to give love and yoga therapy to people on the mat, to people on the chair, to people on the bed. Nancy thank you so much.”


“I am currently enrolled in Nancy Candea’s Yoga Therapy Training. She has provided her student’s with her own manual on the Five Points of Wellness. She has also provided us with an overview of anatomy and physiology, mental health issues, Ayurveda practices, understanding sanskrit, and mindful meditation. Nancy is a dedicated and experienced practitioner who truly cares about her clients and students.”

— Carol R., New Jersey

“Nancy Candea is a loving caring teacher. She sees the potential in us, students, and is really eager to help us grow. One of the things I love about her, as a teacher, is that she has walked the talk. She has worked with people in prison, people in wheelchair, people with all kinds of problems. She knows what’s she’s talking about by experience and not theory and yet she’s open and not absolute! She didn’t even blink in sharing some lessons she learned in life from her private life as a woman and a mother. That is a quality of a teacher I admire.
What I do love about her approach on the Yoga Therapy training is her whole-istic approach to body, mind, lifestyle and even one’s path of life! And again she’s playful as a child! An amazing combination!…

— Evangelos Apostolopoulos, Greece

“Nancy’s yoga training has impacted my life immensely. Before I took Nancy’s training, I saw yoga purely as a physical fitness routine. Afterwards, I saw yoga as a therapy modality to take care of myself and others and many aspects of one’s life in a holistic way, not just in the physical dimension but also in the spiritual, emotional and psychological dimensions. It also gave me the courage to teach yoga to other beginning level students and to see the inherent value and gain the intrinsic rewards in doing so. Although I am not teaching yoga at the moment, I do not think I would be able to follow the path I am following in life, a path of my own choosing without the skills I learned in how to take care of myself in all manner of speaking, physically as well as spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I have never been particularly good at nurturing myself. Taking this training has made the difference of night and day in how I have learned to treat myself and hence, how I treat others. I don’t think you can develop in your practice without listening deeply to your own body, mind and spirit and when you do this, then it is impossible not to listen to others in a more compassionate manner as well. Learning to take care of yourself well has a radiating effect on loved ones around you regardless of whether you decide to pursue teaching yoga or practicing yoga therapy as a career. More than anything, this is the gift I walked away from Nancy’s training with that I carry with me into other endeavors in life. ”

— Caroline Mannaerts

“When I began the 700 hour Yoga Therapy with Nancy Candea, I did not have an idea of how transformative the training would be in my own practice and as a yoga teacher. Her dedication and knowledge to teach health and healing using “ The Five Points of Wellness” program is a powerful way to present her classes. The resources she provides beginning with the manual, on line classes with her and experts in other areas, emails and most importantly the support that she gives her students with her availability and responsiveness when we reach out to her make this program an excellent opportunity for those that want to go deeper into yoga therapy. Nancy’s vision is to empower her students with the experience and the resources to allow each one of them to find their own path, to be successful and therefore a little happier. She encourages the growth and invites her students to understand that it is a evolving field and that we need to keep studying, practicing, learning and listening so we have the experience and the tools to serve others. ”

— Mayra, yoga therapy trainee, Michigan

“Nancy Candea offers comprehensive yoga therapy training, which has benefited my career immensely. The training integrates ancient teachings and modern science that resonates in a sensible yet inspiring manner. I have grown in confidence educating and guiding my clients in their physical practice, meditation, and relaxation. My client base has broadened to special populations including cancer survivors, children and the elderly. Nancy continues to offer her experience and knowledge outside the formal training. She balances her mentoring on my weaker areas with supportive acknowledgement of my stronger points. I am now even more proficient in helping my clients experience yoga at a deeper level. Because of this training, health professionals at my affiliated wellness center are recommending my services to their patients.
Nancy Candea offers comprehensive yoga therapy training, which has benefited my career immensely. The training integrates ancient teachings and modern science that resonates in a sensible yet inspiring manner. I have grown in confidence educating and guiding my clients in their physical practice, meditation, and relaxation. My client base has broadened to special populations including cancer survivors, children and the elderly. Nancy continues to offer her experience and knowledge outside the formal training. She balances her mentoring on my weaker areas with supportive acknowledgement of my stronger points. I am now even more proficient in helping my clients experience yoga at a deeper level. Because of this training, health professionals at my affiliated wellness center are recommending my services to their patients. ”

— Jennifer Kalawur, New Jersey

“Nancy’s well-rounded yoga therapy training helped to broaden my perceptive of yoga and in turn supported in my Belightful business expansion. I appreciated learning from many highly knowledgeable teachers. Their passion for their own particular yoga specialties was contagious and fueled my enthusiasm to learn more.”

— Lisa Ballo, IYTI trainee, Michigan

**The yoga therapy components of our trainings are based on our C-IAYT credentials, not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.”

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