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So much of what is positive and uplifting in our lives is due to grassroots initiatives. Effecting change by one-on-one connection with people in our communities. For most of us, this is how we will contribute to a more peaceful world and feel at peace in our own hearts. – Nancy logo

Yoga Impact is a non-profit 501(c)(3) outreach program founded by Nancy in 2008.  Yoga Impact seeks to empower volunteers, yoga studios, and local organizations to reach marginalized populations and empower those individuals to embrace yoga practice as a critical piece of a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, responsible eating habits, relaxation, and a positive attitude.  In this way, Yoga Impact seeks to increase overall community prosperity by fostering fitness, compassion and selfless service.  Yoga Impact has outreach programs in Boulder, Colorado and New Jersey.  For more information, please visit
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There is no incentive for private prisons to rehab inmates and integrate them back into society. A large percent of inmates have treatable mental health issues. They are in jails and prisons – not getting their medication, not getting help, not learning skills. Looking at the situation economically, it costs us a lot more to keep these people in this broken punitive system, than to get them the help they need to become productive citizens. I am thinking about one yoga student at the Boulder County Jail who, when she tried to meditate, could only hear screams. (The next statement is disturbing. Please stop here if you are sensitive.) Her childhood was marred by parents who traded her young body in exchange for drugs. How is this at all right? Private prisons have more incidents of neglect and abuse. Prison reform is morally essential. Please support anything that moves us forward in righting this injustice. – Nancy

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