Yoga Teacher Development Courses at Purple Om Yoga

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Yoga Teacher Development Courses

Every Tuesday, September 12 – November 14 (except October 3)
Take separately or as a package
1 CEC/hour

At Purple Om Yoga in Denville, NJ

10:30-12:00 Yoga Philosopher Study Circle
Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita

Studying spiritual texts can help us rise above the pull and limitations of the material world. Those who study yoga modalities to improve their physical experience in this world will greatly benefit from the study of the yogic spiritual texts to facilitate a deeper understanding of our capacity for spiritual growth. In this study group, we will also explore how to engage on a deeper spiritual level with our communities, understanding that our capacity is enhanced when we reach beyond self and engage in fostering the spiritual capacity of all humanity. Please bring one or two translations of the texts to the study circle.

12:30-1:30 Yoga for Strength and Stability

A class designed for yoga teachers and yoga students who want to increase their strength and stability with a mindful practice. We will focus on the super poses of yoga like Artha Chandrasana, Ardha Navasana, Uktasana, Bhujangasana – simple but very effective asanas. Students can option to use light weights during this practice to increase arm and back strength. The class will end with 15 minutes of relaxed stretching. No prior experience needed. If you want to use weights, please bring 1-5 lb dumbells or something with weight like bags of rice or cans of beans. Everyone will be encouraged to

  • Increase arm strength without Chaturanga
  • Increase upper back strength for posture
  • Increase gluteal strength
  • Increase proprioception for balance
  • Understand how to use light weights during yoga poses to increase strength
  • Maintain awareness of breath during poses
1:45-3:00 Advanced Level Teaching Skills:
Leading safe and productive asana practices
  • September 12 Understanding common yoga injuries and cueing for injury prevention
  • September 19 Sequencing and assisting for safe forward bends
  • September 26 Sequencing and assisting for backbends
  • October 10 Sequencing and assisting in twists
  • October 17 Sequencing and assisting handstands, headstands, and forearm balance
  • October 24 Sequencing and assisting in shoulder stands and non-weight-bearing inversions
  • October 31 Assisting active asana
  • November 7 Assisting in restorative poses 1
  • November 14 Assisting in restorative poses 2
Individual Cost:
$20 Drop-in fee per class
Package Cost:
$425 for the whole course (10:30-2:30, Sept 12 – Nov 14)